Spain: violent fightings « to celebrate » July 18th

If you do not go farther, just hold that :

Gathering of solidarity with the people and striking minors of Spain

Thursday July 19th, at 6 pm
in front of the embassy of Spain, 22 avenue Marceau in Paris
(subway Alma-Marceau lines 9)


The symbol is strong. Violent. This night from july 18th to 19th was, again, marked by very severe confrontations between minors and Antidisturbios of the guardia civil of sinister memory. This time, a small village of 700 inhabitants, San Roman de Bembibre, in the heart of mining Léon, was attacked by « law enforcement ». The alert was given through social networks around midnight, before scramblers used by the guardia civil cut the village from the world. It explains the very few photos and videos available.

There were barricades. There were shootings of real bullets and missiles looking like golf balls, but not made of rubber. There was a proud people and the most combative part of its working class assaulted by the repression forces. Happily, from what I know right now, no dead bodies are to be counted. Yet.

You could tell me it’s just another confrontation, in a strike marked by violence. I have already written about what reasons Mariano Rajoy, spanish prime minister, has to intensfy repression. Just as Margaret Thatcher did before him, he gives himself the goal of turning la piel de toro into the post industrial model. A model which is the rule in western Europe nowadays. It explains why and how Rajoy got support from the European Union, European Commission and Central Bank of Europe.

But what happened last night, on july 18th, is highly symbolic. In Spain, July 18th is the anniversary of the military uprising started by Franco in 1936. Today, July 19th, a part of the international working class commemorates the beginning of the Revolution launched to defeat the rebels. Obviously, you know well how things went in the end

It’s on this particular day that the guardia civil attacked San Roman de Bembibre. I am forced to witness a very strong political symbol there. From where I write from (France), I may not say that Rajoy is a fascist. I am just aware of him being the leader of the Partido Popular, founded by Manuel Fraga in 1989. Fraga, if I remember well, was a former minister in Franco’s government and his political inheritor. The Popular Party is the following of Alianza Popular, a conservative coallition directed by a majority of former political personalities linked with Franco. What I also may write down, echoing my spanish comrades, is that reaction forces are rising again in Spain. Opus Déi as well as Falange’s nostalgics feel better and better, filling the public places everywhere they can and trying to make their views spread all around. The spanish government shuts up about the military uprising and, most of all, about all the fascim’s victims.

On the opposite side, on this July 19th, the main trade unions : UGT and CCOO (Commissiones obreras) call up for a large strike and great demonstrations. They want to show the large opposition of the spanish population to the austerity plan, adopted on july 11th by the right wing with support of the PSOE… 65 billions € will be cut off public services, coal mines ; the last public industries will also be sold. The trade unions’ demonstrations take place beside spontaneous movements. The most important of them happened last sunday in Madrid. Thousands of spanish men and women took down the streets.

It may appear that it will be a hot summer in Spain. It will not be due to the weather.


Bonus vidéo : Rosa Léon « Ay, Carmela »


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